Fighting for Real Property Tax Relief

Enough is Enough
Enough is Enough.
Property taxes are going up.
Home values are going down.

Fighting for Real Property Tax Relief

It’s a sign of the times

Property taxes skyrocketing, even as home values go down.
Illinois workers searching for jobs in a poor economy.
Families struggling to make ends meet, hit with a 67% tax hike.

In fact, Cook, Kane, Lake and McHenry counties are all ranked in the top 100 across the nation for the highest property taxes.1
Property Tax Relief
David McSweeney will fight to secure real property tax relief for Illinois’ homeowners.

McSweeney supports plans to freeze property taxes when home values go down and put voters in charge.

As our State Representative, McSweeney will lead the fight to protect homeowners by supporting HB3793, prohibiting taxing bodies from increasing property tax levies, when property assessments decrease.

1. The Tax Foundation

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Fighting to Repeal Illinois' 67% Tax Increase

“The Governor, the legislature, and the bureaucrats pushed for and passed the largest tax increase in Illinois’ history. Instead of balancing the budget by cutting back on spending, they increased taxes on individuals and businesses. My top priority is to repeal the tax increase immediately and put an end to the job-kill environment in Illinois.”
-David McSweeney

Real Change in Springfield begins with David McSweeney

Businessman McSweeney Strongly Supports the Repeal of Illinois’ 67% Tax Increase.

Illinois was just starting to recover and create jobs.1

But then the Governor, the legislature, and the bureaucrats in Springfield passed the largest tax increase in Illinois’ history.1

Now the unemployment rate has reached 9.9%2, and a family of four earning $60,000 a year pays over $1,000 more in taxes.3

“Businesses don’t like Illinois’ corporate tax increase, but neighboring states do”
-Chicago Tribune, January 12, 2011

“Illinois budget deficit to hit $8 billion despite tax increase”
-Chicago Tribune, September 26, 2011

David McSweeney is an independent conservative leader and an experienced businessman who understands that raising taxes kills jobs.

That’s why David will work hard to repeal the job-killing 67% income tax increase that is hurting middle-class families and small business owners.

1. Illinois Policy Institute
2. Associated Press Report
3. Wall Street Journal

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Intro Biographical Mailer

This was the first of a set of introductory campaign mailers sent to Republicans for the upcoming March 20th 2012 Primary.
mailer cover
David McSweeney

for State Representative

The leadership we need.
The experience we can trust.

Biography Mailer

David McSweeney.


  • Married 20 years to wife, Margaret
  • Proud father of two daughters, Melissa and Katie
  • Successful businessman who has raised capital for American companies
  • Attended Barrington High School
  • Graduate of Duke University and the Duke Fuqua school of Business
  • Former Palatine Township Trustee
  • Intern with the Reagan-Bush 1984 Presidential campaign
  • Served as Republican Precinct Captain in Palatine, Barrington and Schaumburg Townships

Create Jobs Our Families Need David McSweeney will work to create a pro-jobs, pro-business climate that will open Illinois for business and reduce regulations so that we are more competitive with neighboring states.

Reduce Wasteful Government Spending David McSweeney will work to reform the broken public employee pension system so that it is more accountable to Illinois taxpayers and supports cutting the administrative budgets of each government agency by 10%.

Protect Our Families’ Hard-Earned Incomes David McSweeney knows that during tough times, families need every penny they can get. That’s why David will work hard to repeal the job-killing 67% income tax increase that is hurting middle-class families and small business owners.

Lead by Example David McSweeney will work to cut Legislators’ pay by 10% and will eliminate bloated Legislator pensions on our dime.

David McSweeney


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McCain to help McSweeney

For Immediate Release
November 3, 2011

Senator John McCain to headline event for David McSweeney

Barrington Township: David McSweeney, candidate for State Representative in the 52nd District, is announcing an event to be headlined by former Republican Presidential nominee and Senator from Arizona John McCain. Senator McCain will be the featured guest at an event to be held in early 2012. Details of the event are pending and will be released when they become available.

“I am proud to have Senator McCain headline my event for my campaign for Republican nominee for State Representative in the 52nd District. Senator McCain is a true American hero having served in the United States Navy, the US House of Representatives and the US Senate. Senator McCain and I share the belief that government at all levels needs to balance their budgets” said McSweeney.

“Illinois’ budget mess has become a national story mirroring the failed policies of the Federal government. Tax increases, debt and deficits have resulted in a 9.1% national jobless rate and Illinois now stands at 10% unemployed. Since the huge tax increases were levied in Illinois our unemployment rate has gone up. We need to cut taxes and roll back regulations on business so that we can grow our businesses and increase job opportunities. Senator McCain has been a proponent of reining in spending nationally and I look forward to engaging in that battle right here in Illinois”, said McSweeney.

John McCain served as a naval aviator in Vietnam. His plane was shot down in 1967 and he was held captive until 1973. He was elected to the US House in 1982 and then the US Senate in 1986. In 2008 he was the Republican nominee for President. He continues to serve in the Senate and is a leading advocate of conservative principles.

David McSweeney announces candidacy for State Representative in the 52nd District

Press Release
October 11, 2011

Barrington Township: Barrington Township resident David McSweeney is officially announcing his candidacy for State Representative in the 52nd District. McSweeney is a longtime resident of the area and the 52nd District. He is a 1983 graduate of Barrington High School and earned an undergraduate degree at Duke University and an M.B.A. at the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.

“After careful consideration, I have decided to run for Representative in the 52nd District. Unless tough choices are made, Illinois will soon face a serious financial crisis. The future of our state depends on citizen legislators who are committed to the hard decisions that bureaucrats and politicians have failed to make. With my business background and experience, I am ready to fight for fiscal responsibility and economic empowerment to get Illinois back on track,” said McSweeney.

“I grew up in this great State and chose to raise my own family here in America’s heartland. Illinois will have a promising future if we have the courage to do what needs to be done. I will work hard for the people of the newly configured 52nd District and plan to be an independent conservative voice in Springfield. Illinois is at a crossroads, and I am prepared to meet the challenge with a specific plan to address the difficult fiscal and economic issues that we face,” said McSweeney.
“I do not take this decision lightly. It will be a sacrifice for me and for my family, but with their full support along with the encouragement of many people in this district, I have decided to run for this seat. I look forward to meeting and communicating with the voters of the 52nd District throughout this campaign, and I will personally  ask them for their vote. After all, the voters in the 52nd District are the ultimate decision makers in choosing the person they want to represent them in Springfield,” said McSweeney.

The following is an initial listing of elected officials and leaders who are supporting the candidacy of David McSweeney:

  • Bill McLeod, Mayor of Hoffman Estates
  • Bill LeFew, McHenry County Treasurer and former McHenry County Republican Chairman
  • Glenn Swanson, Wauconda Township Supervisor
  • Irene Napier, The Founder of Right to Life of McHenry County
  • Bob Hanaford, Former Fox River Grove Village Trustee and Cuba Township Republican Precinct Committeeman
  • Chuck Lutzow, Former Algonquin Township Trustee
  • Bonnie Quirke, President of Lake County Right to Life
  • Allen Skillicorn, East Dundee Trustee
  • Colleen Kipferl, Former Lake Barrington Trustee
  • Reverend Bob Vanden Bosch, Director of Concerned Christian Americans (for identification purposes only)
  • Dirk Beveridge, Former Candidate for Congress (8th District)
  • Rich and Monica Young, Community Leaders
  • Linda Post, Barrington Township Collector
  • Brian Kelly, Community Leader
  • Raymond True, Chairman of the Republican Assembly of Lake County
  • John Dawson, Former Candidate for Congress (8th District)

As of October 11, 2011 David McSweeney has raised or secured commitments totaling over $250,000. “My first introductory mailing will arrive this week, and I will continue to communicate my views with the people of the 52nd District. By the March 20, 2012 Republican Primary election voters will know who I am, where I stand and what I plan. I trust the voters to decide who will best represent them in Springfield,” said McSweeney.

David McSweeney resides in Barrington Township with his wife of 20
years, Margaret, and their daughter Katie. Their daughter Melissa
attends college.