Economic Growth Agenda

Cutting Taxes. Reducing State Spending.
Economic Growth

“The only way to grow our Illinois economy and lower our unemployment rate is to cut taxes and reduce spending. More money will then stay in the hands of individuals and businesses and the result will be a better economic climate.”
-David McSweeney

Economic Growth Agenda
Freeze Property Tax Levies and Empowering Voters
If property assessments go down, the property taxes should not go up.

Repeal of the 67% Tax Increase on Individuals and Businesses in Illinois
Businesses and people are leaving Illinois because of higher taxes. In fact, since the tax increase, unemployment in Illinois has gone up.

Reduce State Spending
Illinois needs pension reform and budget cuts to help our economy: For the last several budget cycles, Illinois State Government has annually spent more money than it received in tax revenues and federal aid. The result: budget deficits, pension liabilities, and an unfriendly economic and business environment.1

Government Reform
Reduce legislators’ pay, eliminate legislators’ pensions, and stope the use of taxpayer dollars for their campaigns.

1. The Tooling and Manufacturing Association

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