AARP leaders asked state officials not to apply the income tax to retirement income

by Mike Riopell, Daily Herald

The state’s leading lobbying group for retirees said today it’ll push back against attempts to tax Illinoisans’ retirement incomes as the battle over state spending approaches the end of its sixth month.

AARP Illinois Director Bob Gallo said the state shouldn’t pin it on retirees to raise new revenue.

“Millions of Illinoisans, especially older and retired individuals, are living on fixed incomes or struggling with the rising costs of essential necessities,” Gallo said.

Some states tax retirement income, but it’s exempt in Illinois.

The idea of applying taxes to such income has been floated privately this year by some lawmakers and publicly by some interest groups, but no formal legislation has been put in writing.

In the past, the suggestion of taxing retirement income has been seen as a politically dangerous idea by officials in both parties.

Earlier this month, state Rep. David McSweeney, a Barrington Hills Republican, filed a nonbinding resolution opposing the idea, and state Sen. Tom Cullerton, a Villa Park Democrat, made a similar move today.

“The exclusion of taxing retirement income encourages residents to remain living throughout their retirement in Illinois and encourages newly retired Americans to relocate to the state,” McSweeney’s resolution reads.

Still, Illinois’ deficit is growing as it continues to make court-ordered payments without a budget in place.

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McSweeney receives second Republican Endorsement: Cuba Township Republicans

Cuba Township RepublicansBarrington Township: Candidate for State Representative in the 52nd District, David McSweeney, has received the endorsement of the Cuba Township Republican organization. The endorsement marks the second such endorsement after the Wauconda Township organization endorsed McSweeney on Thursday.

“I am proud to receive the support of the Cuba Township Republicans. They are a hard working group of Precinct Committeemen dedicated to electing Republicans who will carry the fight to Springfield. I will not disappoint them. I will go to Springfield and fight to repeal the 67% tax increase and focus my efforts on making Illinois a job creation and business friendly state,” said McSweeney.

“We’re counting on David to be a fighter in Springfield for lower taxes and real reform”, Said Bruce Sauer Cuba Township Republican Chairman. “This endorsement by rank and file Republicans is important. Their confidence strengthens my resolve and I will count on their advice and support throughout my campaign and when I am elected to the Illinois House of Representatives. Reform of our fiscal house starts here in the 52nd District,” said McSweeney.

Wauconda Republicans Endorse David McSweeney

Wauconda Township Republican Club Endorses McSweeney
The Wauconda Township Republican Organization has announced their official endorsement of David McSweeney’s campaign for State Representative in the 52nd District. McSweeney was chosen in a vote of the rank and file members of the club.

“We’re proud to endorse David McSweeney. He is a dynamic leader who will fight for lower taxes and real reform in Springfield,” said Bob Gottardo, Chairman of the Wauconda Township Republican Club.

McSweeney has attended a number of events in the Wauconda area and has been received well with his message of cutting taxes and spending in Springfield. His top priority is to repeal the 67% increase in the state income tax that is killing jobs in Illinois. In addition, McSweeney has supported stopping property tax increases when property values are going down. The legislature in Springfield failed to approve bipartisan legislation providing tax relief to property owners.

“I am very proud to have the endorsement of the Wauconda Township Republican Club. These are the people who are in the trenches carrying the Republican banner and I look forward to working with them in the campaign and when I get to the legislature. I will be a fiscal hawk cutting taxes and spending and making sure that property tax payers get relief,” said McSweeney.

Fighting for Real Property Tax Relief

Enough is Enough
Enough is Enough.
Property taxes are going up.
Home values are going down.

Fighting for Real Property Tax Relief

It’s a sign of the times

Property taxes skyrocketing, even as home values go down.
Illinois workers searching for jobs in a poor economy.
Families struggling to make ends meet, hit with a 67% tax hike.

In fact, Cook, Kane, Lake and McHenry counties are all ranked in the top 100 across the nation for the highest property taxes.1
Property Tax Relief
David McSweeney will fight to secure real property tax relief for Illinois’ homeowners.

McSweeney supports plans to freeze property taxes when home values go down and put voters in charge.

As our State Representative, McSweeney will lead the fight to protect homeowners by supporting HB3793, prohibiting taxing bodies from increasing property tax levies, when property assessments decrease.

1. The Tax Foundation

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Fighting to Repeal Illinois' 67% Tax Increase

“The Governor, the legislature, and the bureaucrats pushed for and passed the largest tax increase in Illinois’ history. Instead of balancing the budget by cutting back on spending, they increased taxes on individuals and businesses. My top priority is to repeal the tax increase immediately and put an end to the job-kill environment in Illinois.”
-David McSweeney

Real Change in Springfield begins with David McSweeney

Businessman McSweeney Strongly Supports the Repeal of Illinois’ 67% Tax Increase.

Illinois was just starting to recover and create jobs.1

But then the Governor, the legislature, and the bureaucrats in Springfield passed the largest tax increase in Illinois’ history.1

Now the unemployment rate has reached 9.9%2, and a family of four earning $60,000 a year pays over $1,000 more in taxes.3

“Businesses don’t like Illinois’ corporate tax increase, but neighboring states do”
-Chicago Tribune, January 12, 2011

“Illinois budget deficit to hit $8 billion despite tax increase”
-Chicago Tribune, September 26, 2011

David McSweeney is an independent conservative leader and an experienced businessman who understands that raising taxes kills jobs.

That’s why David will work hard to repeal the job-killing 67% income tax increase that is hurting middle-class families and small business owners.

1. Illinois Policy Institute
2. Associated Press Report
3. Wall Street Journal

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